Client comments

Another year of disciplined torture-delivered with enthusiasm, patience and humour, and without which I could not brag about my amazing flexibility!
Jane. Tetbury

Thanks for creating a super motivating environment for us at Pilates week on week.
Mrs JK. Wilts

Pilates is helping me so much. Many, many thanks, keep up the good work!
Mr.P.T. Sutton Benger

I never thought I’d actually enjoy any form of exercise classes but I love yours!
JK. North Wiltshire

Thank you so much for your superb tuition this year. It has certainly made a huge difference to me. I was feeling pretty low about my back when I first starting coming along. What a difference now. I do enjoy my sessions and certainly feel so different. My back pain is just a background niggle. Long may it remain so. I have come to accept there are just some exercises I am not well built for – others don’t really feel like exercises at all!  So overall, it has been hugely helpful and your buoyant style is brilliant and encouraging.
Mrs L. Hullavington

Thank you for making my first year of Pilates such fun
Linda J Grittleton

‘Thank you. I’ve done Pilates for the last 8 years and you have been my best instructor by far.
FP Hullavington

Thanks for your wonderful classes and expert instruction, fitness and fun!
Ms JB Wiltshire

Many thanks for the past year’s classes – an exercise programme that certainly holds body and soul together for me – you have the knack of pushing everyone to their limits with a smile and saucy humour – makes for a good tonic!
Mrs P Wilts

I just wanted to drop a quick line. I really enjoyed this morning. Thank you, I thought you were great.
JM. Seagry

I’m really pleased I have joined you!
I don’t know what I’d do without your classes-luv em’ even though I complain. Thank you for keeping me moving!
JJ. Grittleton

Debbie, you have the knack of making classes enjoyable, I have always felt your enthusiasm which is infectious.
HJ. Glos

Thank-you for your inspiring sessions.
Ms A. North Wilts

Thanks for all the laughter Debbie, its worth the pain!
JJ Nr.Chippenham

Debbie has a unique approach, this class is great, pilates with an energetic push that you don’t notice till the next day!
JN Wiltshire

Thank you for making every class so different
Anne L Calne

If I have to pay for pilates every week for the rest of my life I would be happy. It’s not easy to find a preventive method that is enjoyable, but I have.
Mr H Calne

Thank you- there’s a definite improvement to my waistline!
PB. Malmesbury.

Many thanks once again for helping me keep my body supple and joints mobile.
Ms P. Wilts.

Thank you for the great Pilates sessions
Mrs RV. Chippenham

Thank-you!. So enjoyable, so beneficial.
JC North Wilts.

Thank-you Debbie for your help and patience. Pilates really has helped me.
Mrs AM Malmesbury.

I love the classes, and the Cappucino afterwards!
RP Chippenham

Thanks for making Pilates so much fun.
Sue P. Nettleton

Sometimes I think you’re the only reason I can still move!
Mrs AC  Derry Hill

Thank-you for another year of happy classes and keeping me flexible.
Mrs AL Malmesbury

You’ve helped me to keep moving without creaking too much!
Mrs JH Chippenham

Many Thanks for the classes-always fun!
Ms P. North Wilts

With thanks for helping me take care of my body.
Mrs Susan H . Wiltshire

Thank-you for keeping me upright! ( And enjoying it, which helps!)
J Mc. Chippenham.

My poor old body is missing you!
A F. Malmesbury

Thanks for all the enjoyable torture-heaven knows what I would be like if I didn’t attend your classes.
SW. Kington St Michael.

2 Responses to Client comments

  1. Pat Walters says:

    Do you do any Pilates classes in Bournemouth?

    • Debbie Bailey says:

      Hi Pat, sorry i don’t teach in Bournemouth, however you buy my DVD here on my website, and follow my programme at home

What my clients say

"Debbie has a unique approach, this class is great, pilates with an energetic push that you don’t notice till the next day!"

JN Wiltshire

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